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Makouk Dystopia Game

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·   Strategic game for 2-5 players where the Earth has been destroyed and its resources are running out! Food, electricity and water are rare now. Pollution is increasing, and Earth can no longer sustain life. Two spaceships will search for new planets we can live on. But the problem is the spots on the spaceships are very limited. The resources that you'll need on that journey is the only way to guarantee a spot on the spaceship. You, the citizens, will compete to collect the needed resources to guarantee yourself a spot in the new world!

·   Brand: Makouk

·   Type: Game

·   Targeted Group: Adults


Technical Specifications

Recommended Age أكثر من 12 سنة
Target Group More than 12 years old
Dimensions 28x20x7 Cm
Product type Game
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