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Moreno Hand Disinfectant Sterilizer - 1000 ML

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● Brand : Moreno
● Product Type : Hand Disinfect 
● How to use : Rub in preparation for hands and skin with skin protection factor resdaal effeel Bactericidal inel MRSA Fungicidal tuberculoeidal Virucidal against enveloped viruses  (inel HBV, Hiv, HCV) rotavirus 30 see Adenovirus - 
● Imin: polymav-5min Hygienic hand disinfection acc, to EN 1500 Rup in at least 30 see surgtenl hand disinfeetiion aee lo EN 12791 Ro into hands and forearmsRob into hands and forearms and keep hem moist at least 1.5 min.

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Size 1 liter
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