As digital technology now has a pivotal role in revolutionizing businesses and finance around the globe, consumers as well are self-driven into what would make services easier. It is undeniable that the competition is getting fiercer by time, making it harder for new businesses to survive. While corporates are now more focused on business-to-customer services, the business-to-business seems to be somehow overseen when it comes to providing an adequate level of services. Our platform has managed to cater to both sides, customer and businesses, with equal care and regard. Through observing the international market in general and the Egyptian market in particular, we have managed to come up with the solution for problems that are continuously faced but neglected, through adopting the best eCommerce practices to be applied on B2B as well as B2C services. While online shopping platforms seem to don the jack-of-all-trades cloak, Gatjed believes in being a master-of-one. We pride ourselves in being the first online platform in the Middle East region that works for the B2B sector, facilitating access and export opportunities for the manufacturers. Furthermore, one of Gatjed’s main purposes is to promote Egyptian products and give prominence to manufacturers in Egypt. Hence, our platform is the only one of its kind to focus solely on the Egyptian commodity and merchandise, with the help of the fact that Egypt is ranked as the 52nd largest export economy in the world. With transparency, simplification and standardization, Gatjed teams up with its B2B clients to make the trade process easier and more professional, guaranteeing profit for suppliers and manufacturers as well as boost their accessibility and acknowledgment around the world. We aim to regain and increase the popularity of the Egyptian market, along with shedding light on Small to Medium Businesses to speed up their journey establishing stability in the market.

Our Story

At gatjed we are driven by the excitement of focusing only on Egyptian made products. We aim to provide a platform for all local manufacturers, to help them expand both; locally and globally as well as integrate those manufacturers together for state-of-the art value chain sustainable industry system.Thousands of years ago ancient Egyptian were able to create simple machines; with which they became a key player in the industrial civilization. With thousands of Egyptian products currently being manufactured with high quality and competitive prices, Egyptian products will take the lead. Djed in ancient Egypt is a symbol of stability that is featured on pillars, tomb walls, palace walls, sheets of painted papyrus and sarcophagi. The importance of the Djed in the Egyptian culture is impossible to miss.